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      Touch Screen Glass Enamel

      來源: 發布時間:2019-04-15

      Touch Screen Glass Black Enamel 

      Features: This product is water-soluble, so you can wash the halftone, tools and equipment directly with water, which is economical 

      and environmental. This enamel, mainly printed on the surface of ultra-thin glass, is sintered to form a super layer at 500~600 ℃, which is very flat, highly bright, dense, and has good covering power, little diffuse reflection to ultrasonic as well as infrared, especially high sensitivity to ultrasonic conduction, low energy attenuation, and no phase changes.

      Colors: White, black and other colors according to the customers' requirements.

      The lead and cadmium free series meets the RoHS2.0, REACH, and Halogen requirements. 

      Scope of application: 1) Ultrasonic, infrared, capacitive or resistive touch screen glass;

      2)Thickness of the glass: (1~4)mm.

      Solid content: (75±3)%;             Fineness: About 5 μm

      Viscosity:  400±100dPa.s/25±3℃ (RION viscometer VT-04F)

      Screen printing conditions: (180~350) mesh 

      Expansion coefficient: (6.5~9.5)×10ˉ?

      Sintering temperature: Type I, (500~550)℃×(15~20) mins;

                           Type Ⅱ,tempered(670~730℃).

      Note: Related to the heating rate and holding time.

      Sintering atmosphere: Neutral or weak oxidizing atmosphere.

       Touch Screen Glass Stripe Enamel 

      Features: This product is water-soluble hi-temp frosting enamel. After baking at 500℃ for 20 minutes, the stripe is of high hardness, abrasion resistance, compact structure, chemical resistance to acid, alkali, detergent, etc..

      Color: Frosting

      The lead and cadmium free series meets the RoHS2.0, REACH, and Halogen requirements.

      Scope of application: Touch screen glass stripe matrix

      Sintering temperature:1, 500℃×(15~20) min;


      Sintering atmosphere: Neutral or weak oxidizing atmosphere