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      Participation in C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2018

      來源: 發布時間:2018-12-12

      C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2018 was held successfully in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 22-24 2018. As a famous domestic manufacturer of glass enamel, low-temperature glass/metal baking ink and glass/metal paint, Amichem New Materials (Zhengzhou City) Co., Ltd. took part in this grand international event of the touch screen industry. During the exhibition, our company has received the consultation and negotiation from the global customers of the electronics manufacturing industry (touch screen, display screen, etc.) and has conducted in-depth communication and discussion with them. Adhering to the concept of SINCERITY, INNOVATION, EXCELLENCE & MUTUAL BENEFITS, our company advances with the times and pays great attention to the scientific research and innovation. Especially the newly-developed products enjoy great favor among our customers: enamel of high hiding power or high dyne level for 1mm~6mm display screen glass, black/white enamel and stripe glass enamel for ultrasonic touch screen glass,  heat and impact-resistant tempered glass enamel, water-based baking paint for glass/metal shielding protection, etc.. With the development and popularization of the 5G market, to meet the high requirements of touch screen glass, the following products developed by our company will surely have a broad market in the coming years: the two component bright super-black ink of high dyne level, matte black ink of high dyne level, matte black ink of high hiding power, bright white ink of high hiding power, matte white ink of high dyne level, white ink of high weatherability, OGS ink of high dyne level, UV curable peelable glass/metal ink, etc.. Amichem New Materials (Zhengzhou City) Co., Ltd. will not only make persistent efforts to provide the new and old customers at home and abroad with better products and better service, but also keep on working hard for global high intelligence and highly convenient social life together with the upstream and downstream peers of the display screen & touch screen industry.